We specialize in the inspection, maintenance, recharge, hydrotest, and repair of all quality brands and types of portable fire extinguishers. Also available inspection and hydrostatic testing of fire hose and fire hose stations.

  • Service available throughout Utah
  • DOT Licensed Hydrotest Facility
  • Original Manufacturers replacement parts
  • Duly Licensed by the Utah State Fire Marshall since 1973


Our Service facility has all the up to date equipment to ensure your fire protection equipment receives the ultimate in quality maintenance.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection of all types of portable fire extinguishers and wheeled units. Frequency as needed; annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly. Inspection of fire hose stations.

Monthly “OSHA” Inspections

Monthly visual inspections of portable fire extinguishers as required by OSHA.


All brands and types of portable fire extinguishers (except disposable) and wheeled units including: ABC, REG, PK Dry Chemical, Halon 1211 (if still available), Halotron, Carbon Dioxide / CO2, Water and Water Mist, Foam, AFFF and FFFP, Wet Chemical (“K” Class), Class D: “Metalx”, Sodium base, Copper base.


Hydrostatic testing of portable fire extinguishers using modified test procedures licensed by DOT. Hydrostatic testing of wheeled units. Fire hose hydrotesting.


Numbering and mapping of fire extinguisher types and locations.

Inspection, revision, repair of Kidde/Fenwal and Amerex Corp fire suppression systems. As an authorized Distributor for Kidde/Fenwal and Amerex Corp. we provide the best in automatic fire suppression system service.

  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Original Manufacturer Replacement Parts
  • Authorized Distributor since 1973
  • UL-300 Wet Chemical Kitchen Hood Systems



Full Service and Maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems.

Semi-Annual Maintenance of Kitchen Grease Hood Systems

The complete manufacturer’s recommended service for Amerex and Kidde/Fenwal systems.

Paint Booth Systems

Complete manufacturer’s recommended service for Kidde/Fenwal  and Amerex systems.

Halon 1301, FM 200, CO2 Systems

Complete manufacturer’s recommended service for Kidde/Fenwal systems.

Fixed Dry Chemical and CO2 Hose Reel Systems

Complete manufacturer’s recommended service.

Replacement Parts – Old and New Systems

Large inventory of Kidde/Fenwal repair parts for new and older fire suppression systems, pre-engineered and engineered.

New UL-300 Code

Upgrade existing Kidde kitchen grease hood fire suppression system to meet new UL-300 code adopted November 1994.

Complete assessment and evaluation of your business’s fire protection needs. Complete examination of industrial fire hazards with recommendations and quotations of required fire protection equipment.

  • 50 Years of Experience
  • Established in Utah Since 1973
  • Manufacturer Trained Distributor


Our personel are fully trained in the inspection and evaluation of industrial or commercial businesses. Following this a quotation will be presented reflecting the necessary fire protection equipment needed to meet codes.


Inspection and recommendations to meet general building fire codes.

Kitchen Grease Exhaust Hoods

Design and quotation of Fire Suppression Systems.

Special Hazards

Evaluation and recommendations for fire protection of various types of special hazard situations.

Technical troubleshooting of alarm and fire protection systems and their repair.

  • Kidde/Fenwal Trained Distributor
  • 50 Years Experience
  • BS in Electrical Engineering


We have the experience, factory training, equipment, and repair parts to investigate and repair Kidde/Fenwal Alarm Panels. Other manufacturer panels will be evaluated on a one by one basis.

Kidde/Fenwal Alarm Panels


Diagnos and Repair, Some Spare Parts in Stock.


Diagnose and Repair, Some Spare Parts in Stock.


Diagnose and Repair, Some Spare Parts in Stock.

Spare Parts in Stock.

Spare Parts in Stock.

Kidde/Fenwal Control Head and Shut Down


Diagnose and Repair, Spare Parts in Stock.


Diagnose and Repair, Some Spare Parts in Stock.

Estimates and quotations for all contractor fire protection needs from plans and specifications. Quotations on commercial projects direct to general contractors.

  • In Business Since 1973
  • Most Items in Stock
  • Distributor for Various Manufacturers


Quotations available on fire protection equipment from plans and specifications.

Section 10520 & 104400 – Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets
Distributor for Larsen’s Manufacturing, JL Industries, Amerex Corp.

Section 15000 – Kitchen Fire Suppressions Systems
Distributor for Kidde/Fenwal and Amerex Corp.

Section 1100 – Kitchen Specialties
Distributor for Kidde/Fenwal and Amerex Corp.

We investigate fire suppression equipment malfunctions, and related fire damage.

Fire Loss Investigation

Professional investigation of fire loss due to the possible malfunction of fire suppression equipment. Expert witness testimony is available if necessary. Fifty years experience with fire protection suppression systems.